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Katrina Sadrak

Light Cone 2017, Oil on Canvas, 161,8 x 161,8 cm


17th November  - 17th January 2019​​

Kulturfabrik Apolda


"Dialogue" with the addition GERA COMES! is a title developed by Sibylle
Müller of the Kulturfabrik in Apolda. It is a view from the outside that Gera stands well and ultimately comes Gera, in the form of the M1 after Apolda. For both actors, Kulturfabrik Apolda and Kunstzone Gera e.V., it is important to work cross-border, to join forces and to jointly create spaces for contemporary art. And this is not only transboundary in Thuringia, the 16 artists come from 6 countries and two continents. If so, because ... or put another way: a ton of art on 1000 sqm. These can be explored on three levels of the Kulturfabrik. From painting to sculpture, everything that the heart desires is represented right up to the video. All artists somehow "hang" with the M1, including Gera and national artists. Dialog means on the one hand the corresponding of the different artistic manuscripts, but it also means the dialogue between the two actors and, if one wishes, the dialogue between city and country. And that is especially important. Both cities appear together and, according to the organizers, move closer together, point to each other and form an axis.

 The exhibition will run until 17.01. 2019